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Architecture linked to the world of leisure

SCSA Study Centre for Scenic Arts and AE, the magazine dedicated to architecture,  are launching a  call to professionals and to graduates in architecture, engineering, history of art and  the preservation of cultural heritage,  with the aim of providing a study on architecture destined for the world of  “free time” and to the activities associated with this universe.

Are you an educator? A researcher or simply a  post-graduate in Architecture, in Art History, in Engineering or in  the preservation of cultural heritage? Share your original contribution to exploring the theme of architecture linked to culture and to leisure activities and free time.  The selected research articles and documents will be published on our web site and in our magazine AE Architecture and Entertainment, and further examined and included in our programme of workshops and other events organised by the Study Centre throughout the year. The selected documents will be provided with an ISSN code.

The submitted papers should  explore either architectural projects or design products, whether completed projects or design plans. Content can be on any period in history, inherent to this theme, with the aim of placing emphasis on the topic’s peculiarity. From theme parks to large shows and exhibitions, from temporary structures designed for ludic or cultural events, to research and urban studies or to creative projects that challenge and incite.


Candidates are invited to send a brief CV (max 1 page) together with a two-page abstract and a paper, which can be short or full, either option will be accepted. Please submit by and not later than 20 February  2018.

The following types of paper are accepted:
· Full paper: 10 pages (Word format)
· Short paper: 4 pages(Word format)
· Abstract: 2 pages


Selection of participants will be carried out based on assessment of the CV and the paper submitted, by a commission composed of:


The results of the selection will be communicated by and not later than 10 March 2018.


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