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# 1 / MARCH 2017


Studio Andrew Todd,  Hardelot Theatre.
Rex Architecure, The Dee And Charles Wyly Theatre.
A+Architecure, Jean-Claude Carrière Theatre.
Arkpabi, Auditorum Giovanni Arvedi.
OpenLab Company, Theatre Box.
LSD LigthSoundDesign, Stagecraft notes.

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Studio Andrew Todd

Designed by Studio Andrew Todd, the Hardelot Theatre embodies a perfect union of tradition and innovation, besides being the very first Elisabethean theatre on French soil. The theatre sits harmoniously within the natural environment that surrounds it, integrating perfectly with the trees and vegetation of the parkland. It is a modern version of the classic design of Elisabethan theatres, built in  England between the second half of the 16Th and early 17Th centuries.

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Studio A+Architecture.
Théâtre Jean-Claude Carrière is a structure in wood at low energy consumption and which can be completely dismantled. Inaugurated in 2013, it was designed by architects Philippe Bonon, Philippe Cervantes and Gilles Gal from the French studio A+Architecture. 
The structure is composed of modular panels of wood which enabled a rapid build in about a year, making it potentially highly portable; in fact the theatre could be dismantled and rapidly rebuilt on another site.
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Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi
Studio Arkpabi
Giorgio Palù and Michele Bianchi

The 464-seater auditorium Giovanni Arvedi is a jewel of acoustic engineering. The new hall was refurbished from the original “salone delle adunate” in the Palazzo dell’Arte.
Conceived as a form of expressing the beauty of instruments, the auditorium came into being to represent the great musical tradition, but also to confront the future of music. The result is a fluid project made of soft volumes, sinuous lines chasing each other and drawing a great organic sculpture which expresses the spreading of sound waves.

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Published: First Ed. March 1, 2017;
Available in: English

Publisher: SCSA, London.

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